The field work of the research was carried by the Razumkov Centre for Economic and Political Research between 26 October and 1 November 2018. The main stages included adaptating the questionnaire and the corresponding materials received from the client, conducting the field work (interviews with respondents), checking the interviewers’ work, coding the information and entering it into the IT system, and logical control of.

Sample of the research was random on each stage, except the last one, for which respondents were chosen by a selection rate and that is represented for the adult audience of Ukraine. The survey was carried out in all the oblasts of Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol, and Kyiv, 108 interviewers took part in the survey process.

As a result of the field studies, questionnaires from 2013 respondents were collected. Qualified specialists carried out the coding of the questionnaires. While coding the control of correct completion of the questionnaires was also ensured. A comparison of demographic distribution and statistical data for evaluation of representativeness shows a maximum difference of 1.7%.

Locations were stratified by size and type (villages, towns/cities) in every oblast. The probability of being part of the sample for every location was proportionate to the number of people in it. Next in every location which was part of the sample the respondents were chosen by selection rate and certain route. Choice of streets was made using a basic number (created by a random number generator), and then a route for an interviewer was set.

122 locations were chosen (65 of city/town-type and 57 of village-type).

Purpose of the study

The purpose of the research was to study the readership habits of Ukraine.