About project

Ukrainian Reading and Publishing Data 2018

The all-Ukrainian big project aimed to represent a state of the modern publishing market, readers’ preferences and, by that, give the objective information that can influence forming the policy of both the cultural institutions and editorial office portfolios of publishers, as well as give a material to present the Ukrainian market  abroad in an efficient visual format — infographic presentation.

In the circumstances when Ukraine gets more and more interesting to foreign partners, this representation can become the Ukraine’s profile on the international publishing market, the stylish and functional image of a market that develops dynamically and integrates into the international European context.

Goal of project

With the research as a basis, where reader’s preferences and the state of the market 2018 was revealed, to create conditions for development of the publishing sphere against the background of the objective and actual data.

Therefore, to influence the formation of the publishing houses’ plans, the state cultural and publishing policy, to create the basis for the further marketing researches and the representation of the Ukrainian market abroad.

The research results will be presented and freely available on an interactive platform in the framework of the Chytomo project. Thus, the interest of the inner players and potential foreign partners is satisfied.


Gutenbergz, a digital publishing house, which unites the story and the interactivity, and creates wonderful stories for mobile devices, cross-platform solutions for the multi-media content, namely for the learning materials in a comfortable and effective format.

Among the project of the publishing house is Pidruchnyk.UA, a platform of e-schoolbooks with the analytic system and e-diary, introduced with the support of the Ministry of Education.

Cultural and publishing project Chytomo, media about the book in all its forms and about reading as a springboard for self-education and realisation. The team with nine years of experience on the publishing market of Ukraine and great base of direct contacts of the Ukrainian and foreign publishing heads and top managers. Every six months, it initiates the survey for the publishing houses and then forms analytical reports.

Razumkov Centre, the leading non-government analytical centre of Ukraine that conducts researches on the state policy, was established in 1994. According to The Think Tank Index 2015, which is annually published by the University of Pennsylvania, Razumkov Centre is one of the best five analytical centres of Central and Eastern Europe. The Centre’s mission is to promote the formation of Ukraine as a democratic, legal, societal country, development of the civil society, improvement of the people’s life quality, strengthening the international profile of Ukraine and realisation of its national interest.


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  • ГО «Український Літературний Центр»
  • Nielsen Book Research
  • Лондонський книжковий ярмарок
  • Франкфуртський книжковий ярмарок
  • Міжнародна асоціація видавців